List of digital media brands under Media Chinese International

Media Brands by Media Chinese International 世界華文媒體有限公司

Media Chinese International Limited is a Chinese-language media group formed by the merger of Ming Pao Enterprise Corporation Limited, Sin Chew Media Corporation Berhad, and Nanyang Press Holdings Berhad.

Also known as MCIL or 世界華文媒體有限公司 (世華) in Chinese, MCIL basically monopolies the mainstream Chinese media in Malaysia for years, especially after the consolidation of Sin Chew and Nanyang groups.

中國報 China Press and 星洲日报 Sin Chew Daily are ranked in the top 10 most visited news sites in Malaysia, other newspapers under the umbrella of MCIL are 南洋商报 Nanyang Siang Pau, 光明日報 Guang Ming Daily.

The closest competitor to the MCIL group in the online newspaper segment is 東方日報 Oriental Daily by KTS Group. Originating from Sarawak too, KTS dominates the top news sites in East Malaysia.

After the merger with Nanyang Press Holdings, MCIL also owns magazine titles like ILifePost 爱生活, 风采 Feminine, 美味风采 Oriental Cuisine, and 都会佳人 Citta Bella.

MCIL is also the only active Chinese online magazine publisher in Malaysia, with ILifePost and Feminine both ranked in the top 20 online magazines in Malaysia.

Media Brands by Media Chinese International 世界華文媒體有限公司

However, is MCIL less aggressive and open-minded than other big media groups here? Besides the merger, MCIL seems to prefer starting digital initiatives on its own without any joint-venture or acquisitions.

Having failed in its e-commerce marketplace business LogOn, MCIL turned its attention to 百格 Pocketimes. The online video platform is the only active digital-first initiative by MCIL at the time of writing.

While MCIL is strong in the newspaper segment, only ILifePost is ranked in the top 10 Chinese lifestyle sites in Malaysia – behind those by Astro, Rev Media, and other independent publishers.

You might wonder why MCIL, with all the resources the group has, only focuses on newspaper and magazine (lifestyle) segments without any strong presence in other categories.

Nevertheless, here’s the list of digital media brands under the umbrella of Media Chinese International, grouped by newspapers, magazines, and digital segments in alphabetical order.

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中國報 China Press

Daily Chinese Newspaper founded at Malaysia on 1st Feb, 1946.

光明日報 Guang Ming Daily


南洋商报 Nanyang Siang Pau


星洲日报 Sin Chew Daily





都会佳人 Citta Bella

CittaBella is one of the most popular Chinese woman’s magazine in Malaysia published by Nanyang Press Holdings.

风采 Feminine

《风采》杂志创刊超过40年,是新马销量No.1与Adex No.1、最具权威的中文杂志。

ILifePost 爱生活


美味风采 Oriental Cuisine





百格 Pocketimes


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