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Nu Ideaktiv

Which are the magazine publishing groups that are active online in Malaysia? We are looking at those media groups that own magazine titles, regardless of whether they are still in print.

Without a doubt, print is the worst-hit media with the shift of consumer behavior towards the Internet. Many magazine titles are dead now, especially true if they stick to only prints.

In this article, we are going to exclude magazine publishers without any online presence, for example, the Ipoh-based Munsang Media Group with a couple of print-only magazine titles.

Likewise, titles under publication outsourcing companies like Harini Management Services are excluded here too as they do not have any online or social media assets.

For your information, Harini mainly prints magazine titles for associations. For example, Malaysia Retailer for MRCA, MY.IT for PIKOM, Direct Seller for DSAM, and so on.

While you might wonder why publishers still distribute prints only, take a look at the top 20 magazines in Malaysia that have been digitized successfully and enjoy high website traffic.

Nu Ideaktiv leads the way not just with quantity, but with online traffic too. 9 out of 11 Malay magazine titles by Nu Ideaktiv are the most visited online magazines in Malaysia.

Media Chinese International is the only Chinese media group with active online magazines, while Biz of RE, Hubert Burda Media, and Heart Media are luxury lifestyle publishers.

Here are the top 8 magazine publishing groups with active online publications in Malaysia.

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Nu Ideaktiv

Nu Ideaktiv Magazines

Nu Ideaktiv is the joint-venture between Astro and Karangkraf. Karangkraf used to own these magazine titles and the joint-venture with Astro enable them to digitize aggressively and dominate the Malay market.

  • Website:
  • Category: Mainly lifestyle with focuses on women, men, families, teens, etc.
  • 11 magazine titles under Nu Ideaktiv:
    • Mingguan Wanita
    • Rasa
    • Pa&Ma
    • Nona
    • Keluarga
    • Pesona Pengantin
    • Maskulin
    • Remaja
    • Hijabista
    • Impiana
    • Rapi
    • Other digital publications

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Media Chinese International

Media Chinese International Magazines

Established in 1972, Life Magazines owned by Nanyang Group under the umbrella of Media Chinese International (世华媒体) is probably the most prominent publisher of Chinese magazines in Malaysia.

  • Website:
  • Category: Mainly lifestyle with a focus on the women’s segment
  • 4 magazine titles under Media Chinese International:
    • 风采 Feminine
    • 美味风采 Oriental Cuisine
    • 都会佳人 Citta Bella
    • ILifePost 爱生活
    • Other news publications

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Biz of RE

Biz of RE Magazines

With Blue Inc being shut down in 2020. Biz of RE has taken over some of the titles which are mainly luxury publications. Some titles like Cleo, Female, Her World, Jelita, and Marie Claire remain unadopted.

  • Website:
  • Category: Luxury lifestyle
  • 6 magazine titles under Biz of RE:
    • EH! Malaysia
    • GLAM Malaysia
    • GLAM Lelaki
    • Harper’s BAZAAR Malaysia
    • The Peak Malaysia
    • ICON 风华 Malaysia

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Hubert Burda Media

Hubert Burda Media Magazines

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Burda International has offices located in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Taiwan, owning and managing international luxury magazine titles in these markets.

  • Website:
  • Category: Luxury lifestyle
  • 4 magazine titles under Hubert Burda Media:
    • Prestige
    • 品 PIN Prestige Malaysia
    • Augustman
    • Lifestyle Asia

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Heart Media

Heart Media Magazines

With offices in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Heart Media’s forte is in fashion, beauty, watches, supercars, yachts, art, and real estate – reaching affluent consumers and HNWI (High Net Worth Individuals) across Asia.

  • Website:
  • Category: Luxury lifestyle
  • 2 magazine titles under Heart Media:
    • L’OFFICIEL Malaysia
    • Men’s Folio Malaysia

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Business Media International

Business Media International Magazines

As the owner of some of the region’s largest B2B media and event properties, Business Media International (BMI) is one of Asia’s leading business-to-business publishers.

  • Website:
  • Category: Business (B2B)
  • 3 magazine titles under Business Media International:
    • SME & Entrepreneurship Magazine
    • HR Asia
    • Capital Asia
    • Other digital publications

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Reach Publishing

Reach Publishing Magazines

Reach Publishing owns magazine titles like,Travel & Dining, Euro, World Cup, Business Today,, and specialized contract publishing. Only the last two titles are active online.

  • Website:
  • Category: Business and Technology
  • 2 magazine titles under Reach Publishing:
    • BusinessToday Malaysia

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Ace Premiuer Magazines

AcePremier claims to offer a full suite of content, digital, print, social & online video marketing services but their publications are arguably the weakest among all the media groups in terms of online reach.

  • Website:
  • Category: Parenting, Health, Franchise
  • 4 magazine titles under AcePremier:
    • BabyTalk
    • 健康时尚 Good Health
    • Natural Health
    • Franchise Asia

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Others / Independent Magazine Publishers

Besides the publishing group mentioned above, there are also other media groups with only one magazine title under their umbrella along with other digital publications:

  • Astro: InTrend
  • Rev Media: JUICE Malaysia
  • Star Media Group: Majalah Kuntum
  • TEG Media: ExpatGo

Here is the list of other magazine titles by independent publishers that are not under any media group. Some are no longer available in prints but all of them are active online:

  • Automotive: Majalah Kapcai, Motor Trader, Roda Roda
  • Luxury Lifestyle: Robb Report Malaysia, Tatler Malaysia
  • Business: G时代, 商天下 Global Business Magazine, Malaysian Business Online, MARKETING Magazine Malaysia, The CEO Malaysia, Top 10 of Malaysia
  • Others: Asian Property Review, Aswaq, BackPackerz (by Verst), Gaya Travel Magazine, Parenthood Magazine, ROTTW Magazine, Smart Investor, UtusanTV (combination of 6 magazines)


* Only titles originating from print magazines that are currently active are included, digital-first publications are not listed in this article.

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