Top 30 food review blogs in Malaysia

Are you an F&B or restaurant operator looking to promote your eatery? Here, we compile a comprehensive list of popular food review blogs in Malaysia for you to explore!

In this article, we are going to list only the digital publishers who focus on food reviews, excluding those who curate cooking or baking recipes.

With so many food publishers around, this is a crowded space as food is always a popular topic for mass audiences. Besides, it does not require professional industry knowledge to curate content.

In general, we can categorize the food publishers into 3 languages here – English, Malay, and Chinese, basically for Malays or non-Malays.

Except for big or franchise F&B brands, most eateries are location-specific so many food blogs focus on certain areas only, mainly Klang Valley, Penang, Johor.

There are quite a couple of food review publishers who don’t have a website or are just publishing social media posts instead of blog articles.

Therefore, we are going to rank the publishers here by the number of Facebook followers. It makes sense too as food topics work well on Facebook – shareable and easier to go viral.

Let’s start with ranking the food publishers across all languages (minimum 70K FB followers), scroll down to this article for top publishers in English, Malay, and Chinese.

You can also browse online advertising solutions by food publishers here and shortlist the right ones for your business.


Top 30 Food Review Facebook Pages in Malaysia

Good Foodie Media is the leading online food publisher in Malaysia, with KL Foodie (#1), Penang Foodie (#2), Halal Foodie (#8), and Johor Foodie (#18) going strong on social media.

Without further ado, we present to you the top food review publishers in Malaysia, ranked by the number of Facebook followers at the time of writing.

KL Foodie

KL Foodie tells you what to eat in Kuala Lumpur! Follow us to satisfy your tummy now!

Penang Foodie

Penang’s source for local street food, restaurant reviews, event listings and the best in the city.

我爱大马美食!I Love Malaysian Food

美食Facebook Page,超过950k粉丝,一起吃尽大马美食💪🏻

My Makan TV

We promote local traditional food in Malaysia that’s affordable and delicious. We don’t aim to ‘viral’ content but to introduce good honest food prepared by hardworking Malaysians.

翻转大马吃喝玩乐 Eat Pray Love

全马最高人气的旅游&美食粉丝专页! 为你分享更多最新、最丰富、最Hot的美食和旅游资讯!

Fun N’ Taste

Founded in 2017, Fun N’ Taste is a Malaysia-based independent media publisher that curates easily-consumable Food, Travel and Things To Do content.

吉隆坡美食猎人 Gourmet Hunter KL

讓我們一起攻略這世上數之不盡的美食!LIKE关注我们的专页以获得更多关于Klang Valley的好料与资讯!

Halal Foodie


Foodie is a place to discover Halal eateries for Muslim eater and foodie in Malaysia.

Seismik Makan

Seismik Makan is the food pillar under SAYS Seismik that connects and engages with their audiences through articles, video and social media that’s all about local and international food trends and recipe content.

Daily Makan

Kemaskini menarik tempat makan & hidangan menyelerakan seantero Malaysia. Pasti nyum-nyum menangis menjilat jari!

走咯 我们吃喝旅行去




食在好玩 Eatlicious


Bangsar Babe

Bangsar Babe ® is a Malaysian lifestyle blog that started in November 2007, with more than 500,000 organic fans on social media.


吃吧!喝吧!玩吧!跟我们一起乐吧!♥ 人生短短几十年,不尽兴就浪费了!

KL NOW 就在吉隆坡

Discover Latest Lifestyle, Food, Travel and Development News in Kuala Lumpur.



Johor Foodie

Johor’s source for local street food, restaurant reviews, event listings and the best in the city.




吃货出闸咯! 说走就走! 去到那里! 就吃到那里!

Trendy Gourmet 时尚食客


你讲我吃 you talk i eat


吉隆坡好吃好玩 Food Travel Play KL


Malaysia Food & Travel

Your insider guide to Malaysia’s food, events, holiday destinations and more! Join us as we uncover all the HIDDEN GEMS Malaysia has to offer!

全马好吃好玩 Eat Play Today


I FAT 吃货俱乐部


Places And Foods is a multiple award winning travel and food blog based in Malaysia.

Malaysian Foodie

A Malaysian Couple who love to eat and travel round the world.


Everything you need to know about Malaysia travel and destination.

Discover KL

Discover KL is dedicated to bringing you up-to-date news on the latest events, local news, festivals, and anything else exciting happening in Kuala Lumpur.


Top English Food Review Facebook Pages in Malaysia

Good Foodie Media is the market leader in the English segment, with KL Foodie, Penang Foodie, Johor Foodie all ranked in the top 5 English food review FB pages in Malaysia.

  1. KL Foodie
  2. Penang Foodie
  3. Fun N’ Taste
  4. Bangsar Babe
  5. Johor Foodie
  6. Malaysia Food & Travel
  7. Places And Foods
  8. Malaysian Foodie
  9. Discover KL
  10. EatDrink


Top Malay Food Review Facebook Pages in Malaysia

While there are quite a couple of Malay creators curating recipes, there are not many Malay food review blogs around. My Makan TV is the clear leader in the Malay segment.

  1. My Makan TV
  2. Halal Foodie
  3. Seismik Makan
  4. Daily Makan

Note: My Makan TV has the most YouTube subscribers among the food review publishers (across all languages).


Top Chinese Food Review Facebook Pages in Malaysia

In comparison to other languages, there are many Chinese food review FB pages out there, with at least 17 of them armed with a minimum of 70K followers on Facebook.

  1. 我爱大马美食!I Love Malaysian Food
  2. 翻转大马吃喝玩乐 Eat Pray Love
  3. 吉隆坡美食猎人 Gourmet Hunter KL
  4. 走咯 我们吃喝旅行去
  5. JOHOR NOW 就在柔佛
  6. 食在好玩 Eatlicious
  7. 吃喝玩乐我最大!
  8. KL NOW 就在吉隆坡
  9. 大马搵食Kaki
  10. Kia!一起吃喝玩乐吧!
  11. 吃货出闸咯
  12. Trendy Gourmet 时尚食客
  13. 你讲我吃 you talk i eat
  14. 吉隆坡好吃好玩 Food Travel Play KL
  15. 全马好吃好玩 Eat Play Today
  16. I FAT 吃货俱乐部
  17. MALAYSIA NOW 就在马来西亚


Besides those listed above, there are also other smaller or newer food review blogs that are not listed in this article. Again, this is a super crowded space for digital publishers.

Feel free to leave a comment below if we miss out on any, especially those with at least 70K followers on Facebook.


Note: All data above is compiled in February 2022.

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