Top 10 finance portals & publications in Malaysia

Which are the popular finance portals and creators in Malaysia? RinggitPlus is the most visited finance website while the YouTuber Spark Liang dominates the social media reach here.

When comes to finance topics, the content is either curated by the financial comparison websites or spearheaded by personalities either via personal finance blogs or YouTube channels.

Online financial comparison and tools like RinggitPlus, iSaham, iMoney, and Loanstreet are raking in high website traffic, while investment-focused publishers Majalah Labur and are not far behind.

While we try to avoid those workshop-selling ‘financial gurus’,  YouTubers Spark Liang and Mr Money TV are the only local finance YouTube channels with more than 100K subscribers.

The old-timers led by KCLau and other personal finance blogs like Ringgit Oh Ringgit are still reputable but are they losing ground to the upcoming YouTubers on social media?

Interestingly, Fintech News Malaysia is the only one that focuses on financial technology topics. The rest of the online media listed here are either focusing on personal finance or (mainly stock) investment.

Here are the top 10 most popular finance portals in Malaysia, scroll down towards the end of this article for rankings by Facebook followers, Instagram followers, YouTube subscribers.

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RinggitPlus is Malaysia’s leading financial comparison website. Every day, we help you get more for your money – whether you’re applying for a credit card, personal loan, an insurance plan, a home loan for your dream house, and much more.


iSaham Stock Analyser specialises in analysing and ranking fundamental, technical, indicator and fibonacci score of companies in KLSE stock market.


To date, we have helped over 29 million customers across Malaysia and Philippines in their personal financial journey through smart comparisons, simplified applications, tools, and money tips.


With Loanstreet’s platform, you can COMPARE and APPLY financial products like credit cards, personal loans , asb loans as well as all home loans/home refinance EASILY without going to the banks.

Majalah Labur

Misi memandaikan rakyat dalam topik Pelaburan & Kewangan. Ini adalah perjuangan kami.

CompareHero is your go-to website for finding, comparing and applying for Credit Cards and Personal Loans products in Malaysia. Our service is free, easy and completely unbiased.


The Kapital

Perkongsian ilmu, idea dan pengalaman kepada komuniti demi merapatkan jurang kekayaan.


Tips ilmu kewangan seperti saham, hartanah, niaga dan banyak lagi.

Fintech News Malaysia

Fintech News Malaysia provides a source of timely, deep insights and the latest local and global news about Fintech.


Top 10 finance Facebook pages in Malaysia

  1. Spark Liang 張開亮 (330K+ FB followers)
  2. RinggitPlus (295K+ FB followers)
  3. iMoney (226K+ FB followers)
  4. Majalah Labur (166K+ FB followers)
  5. Mahersaham (148K+ FB followers)
  6. 九点股票 (123K+ FB followers)
  7. KCLau’s Money Tips (91K+ FB followers)
  8. 全家私房钱 Money Money Home (89K+ FB followers)
  9. iSaham (85K+ FB followers)
  10. Pakdi (71K+ FB followers)


Top 10 finance Instagram accounts in Malaysia

  1. Spark Liang 張開亮 (29K+ IG followers)
  2. RinggitPlus (19K+ IG followers)
  3. Dividend Magic (18K+ IG followers)
  4. Mr Money TV (15K+ IG followers)
  5. Mahersaham (13K+ IG followers)
  6. 九点股票 (13K+ IG followers)
  7. iMoney (11K+ IG followers)
  8. Ringgit Oh Ringgit (10K+ IG followers)
  9. Suyin Ong (9K+ IG followers)
  10. CompareHero (7K+ IG followers)


Top 10 finance YouTube channels in Malaysia

  1. Spark Liang 張開亮 (312K+ YT subscribers)
  2. Mr Money TV (109K+ YT subscribers)
  3. Mahersaham (57K+ YT subscribers)
  4. The Millennial Finance (25K+ YT subscribers)
  5. Suyin Ong (21K+ YT subscribers)
  6. CF Lieu (16K+ YT subscribers)
  7. KCLau’s Money Tips (9K+ YT subscribers)
  8. Dividend Magic (8K+ YT subscribers)
  9. The Financial Fitness (7K+ YT subscribers)
  10. Majalah Labur (5K+ YT subscribers)


Note: All data above is compiled in February 2022, with website visits data reported by SimilarWeb for the month of January 2022.

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