Top 10 parenting blogs & websites in Malaysia

Which are the popular blogs on parenting topics in Malaysia? Pa&Ma has proved that magazines can transform into digital powerhouses.

Used to be a print magazine under Karangkraf, Pa&Ma is now parked under Nu Ideaktiv – a joint venture between Astro and Karangkraf.

In fact, there are many Malay magazine titles under Nu Ideaktiv that have done very well online, much better than many other magazine publishers here.

Besides being the most visited parenting website in Malaysia, Pa&Ma is also the runaway leader on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Another family-focused publication under Nu Ideaktiv – Keluarga, is also ranked high in terms of website traffic and social media platforms.

Not all magazine publishers are successful in digitization though, BabyTalk by AcePremier is not ranked here as its online reach is insignificant.

Pa&Ma and Keluarga are challenged only by a handful of digital-first publishers, led by Sirap Limau (under Rev Media), theAsianparent, Motherhood, etc.

Here are the top 10 most popular parenting websites in Malaysia, scroll down towards the end of this article for rankings by Facebook followers, Instagram followers, YouTube subscribers.

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Panduan ibu bapa yang lengkap untuk ibu bapa muda.

Sirap Limau brings a new concept themed as ‘Media For Your Family’. It shares everything your need to know about Family Lifestyle that is suitable for all ages.

Bidadari.My adalah website tentang tips dan petua harian, kesihatan , resepi dan kekeluargaan.


TheAsianParent adalah komuniti online percuma yang memberikan informasi kekeluargaan kepada ibu bapa urban atau bakal ibu ayah yang tinggal di Malaysia.


Sesuai dengan namanya, Keluarga menyediakan maklumat dan garis panduan inspirasi mengenai masalah keluarga.

Kelab Mama

Kelab mama menyalurkan info terbaik yang dikongsi pakar ternama dan individu berpengalaman untuk kesejahteraan bersama mengenai bayi, anak, ibu & keluarga.

Motherhood Story is a content hub for all your parenting, pregnancy, labour & birth, and children’s needs.

Positive Parenting

As Malaysia’s pioneer Experts’ initiative in parenting and childcare, Positive Parenting is the most authoritative resource to help you as you lead your child in unlocking the doors of his future.


Makchic is an online parenting platform for urban Malaysian parents, focusing on content and causes that inform, support and uplift all parents in their journey to parent well, learn well and live well.

Parenthood Magazine Malaysia

Parenthood Magazine is the pioneer and longest-running mother and baby publication in Malaysia.


Top 10 parenting Facebook pages in Malaysia

  1. Pa&Ma (1.7M+ FB followers)
  2. Sirap Limau (806K+ FB followers)
  3. Keluarga (692K+ FB followers)
  4. (264K+ FB followers)
  5. theAsianparent (245K+ FB followers)
  6. Kelab Mama (223K+ FB followers)
  7. MumCentre Malaysia (64K+ FB followers)
  8. (40K+ FB followers)
  9. Parenthood Magazine Malaysia (38K+ FB followers)
  10. Positive Parenting (35K+ FB followers)


Top 5 parenting Instagram accounts in Malaysia

  1. Pa&Ma (274K+ IG followers)
  2. Keluarga (125K+ IG followers)
  3. (78K+ IG followers)
  4. theAsianparent (49K+ IG followers)
  5. Sirap Limau (35K+ IG followers)


Top 5 parenting YouTube channels in Malaysia

  1. Pa&Ma (53K+ YT subscribers)
  2. Keluarga (7K+ YT subscribers)
  3. Sirap Limau (2K+ YT subscribers)
  4. theAsianparent (800+ YT subscribers)
  5. (500+ YT subscribers)


Note: All data above is compiled in February 2022, with website visits data reported by SimilarWeb for the month of January 2022, unless specifically mentioned as organic traffic (reported by Ubersuggest).

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