Top 20 newspapers in Malaysia by online reach

With print distributions dropping every day, going online is the only way for newspaper brands. Let’s find out which newspapers have the most website traffic in Malaysia.

While we have ranked the top news sites in Malaysia which includes digital-first or digital-only media, this is a compilation of media brands that had (or still have) print newspapers.

Instead of print circulations, it makes sense to rank the publications by web traffic (which translates to pageviews). Social media followers can be another metric to gauge their online reach too.

The Star is the most visited online newspaper brand in Malaysia, followed by Malay Mail, News Strait Times, The Edge Malaysia, and The Sun Daily in the English segment.

Harian Metro (second overall) is the most visited Malay newspaper site, followed by Berita Harian, Sinar Harian, Utusan Malaysia, and Kosmo! in the Malay segment.

China Press (sixth overall) is the most visited Chinese newspaper site, followed by Sin Chew Daily, Oriental Daily, Nanyang Siang Pau, and Kwong Wah Yit Poh in the Chinese segment.

Three of the Chinese newspapers mentioned above are under Media Chinese International, while Oriental Daily is owned by KTS Group which dominates the newspapers in Sabah and Sarawak.

Rev Media is pretty strong too in the online newspaper segment with Harian Metro, Berita Harian, and New Straits Times under the umbrella of Media Prima’s digital arm.

Here is the list if we are to categorize the newspaper brands under the respective media groups:

  • Media Prima: Berita Harian, Harian Metro, New Straits Times
  • Media Mulia: Kosmo!, The Malaysian Reserve, Utusan Malaysia
  • Media Chinese International: China Press, Guang Ming Daily, Nanyang Siang Pau, Sin Chew Daily
  • KTS Group: The Borneo Post, Utusan Borneo, Oriental Daily, See Hua Online
  • Sabah Publishing House: Daily Express, Overseas Chinese Daily News
  • Karangkraf: Sinar Harian
  • Media Works: Malay Mail
  • Star Media: The Star

There are also other independent newspapers not under any media groups, namely The Sun Daily, The Edge, Focus Malaysia, Kwong Wah Yit Poh, Asia Times, We Are United, and Sarawak Tribune.

From what we have seen so far, most of the newspapers have digitized quite nicely with significant web traffic, coupled with their advantage of being the trusted media brands here.

Below are the top 20 most popular newspaper sites in Malaysia, ranked by website traffic.

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The Star

Since its launch on June 23, 1995, as Malaysia’s first news website, The Star Online has always striven to provide readers with up to date breaking news, compelling content and insightful opinions.

Harian Metro

Lantaran sokongan dan kesetiaan pembaca, Harian Metro kini muncul sebagai akhbar harian bahasa Melayu nombor satu di Malaysia.

Malay Mail

Malay Mail covers the news of the day, whether it is in the field of politics or lifestyle.

Berita Harian

Akhbar yang dihasilkan oleh rakyat, kepada rakyat dan untuk rakyat memenuhi keperluan rakyat Malaya semasa era nasionalisme yang sedang memuncak.

Sinar Harian

The one and only newspaper in Malaysia that emphasizes on local news (state) content and aims to serve as the voice and mediator for the Malaysian people.

中國報 China Press

Daily Chinese Newspaper founded at Malaysia on 1st Feb, 1946.

星洲日报 Sin Chew Daily


New Straits Times

Established in 1845, The New Straits Times Press (Malaysia) Berhad (affectionately known as NSTP) is Malaysia’s oldest and largest newspaper publisher.

東方日報 Oriental Daily


The Edge Malaysia

The Edge Markets is the main website of The Edge Media Group and it helps its readers to make better business and investment decision.

The Sun Daily

theSundaily is the news website of Malaysia’s first free and largest circulating urban newspaper.

南洋商报 Nanyang Siang Pau


光华日报 Kwong Wah Yit Poh


詩華日報 See Hua Online


The Borneo Post

Borneo Post Online is the online news portal of The Borneo Post – the largest English daily in Borneo.

Utusan Malaysia

Media online pertama di Malaysia. Berada di alam siber sejak 1996. Merupakan media online berbahasa Melayu paling popular di Malaysia.


Akhbar Kosmo! merupakan akhbar berbahasa Melayu yang mula menemui pembaca di Malaysia pada 31 Ogos 2004.

Utusan Borneo

Utusan Borneo Online adalah usaha kami untuk menyebarkan maklumat terkini kepada para pembaca menerusi medium Internet.

光明日報 Guang Ming Daily


Daily Express

Daily Express Online (Malaysia) Sabah’s Top Ranked and most viewed english news website. The Daily Express is also Sabah’s Leading and most circulated daily english Newspaper.


Note: All data above is compiled in February 2022, with website visits data reported by SimilarWeb for the month of January 2022.

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